Consulting with you first. We come to you, learn about your needs and show you how we can help. All your questions answered. No consultation fee. No strings.

Evaluate your estate and needs to establish a project timeline and begin a marketing strategy. 

Discovery process. We enter the estate and begin to establish what will be for sale and what will be removed.

Staging your estate to create an aspirational inviting environment that sets the tone of the sale and supports merchandising for maximum return on your items. Our unique style of staging sets us apart from other estate sales companies.

Professional photography. By taking the time to thoroughly stage and arrange your estate, we then hire professional photographers with expertise in documenting homes and items. Our philosophy to hire professionals to produce big picture results in sale returns. 

Research. This is one of our most crucial steps. We take the time, no matter how long, to evaluate. Our team members have over 25 years experience working in the collectible world of vintage and antiques. Whether it’s high-end jewelry and designer fashion to antiques to Mid Century Modern, we scour our resources and price for maximum results. 

Create a marketing campaign. With our 25 years’ experience in the Los Angeles market, as well as nationally, we promote your sale by advertising on the internet and social network platforms and sending out to our database of over 10k. 

Extra steps: In addition to advertising to the public and to our 10k + database, we have a select, but large network of buyers as well as contacts at major auction houses, high-end antique dealers, and movie studio art directors and prop departments. We also have developed an extensive list of interior designers that cater to top-shelf clients. 

We know you have high value items that are special and unique, so for those we obtain valuations from a licensed appraiser who specializes in that kind of item.

Planning your event strategically. We determine the most effective sale event schedule and approach to meet your goals, as well as how to create an event that will inspire buyers.

We run our estate sale events to sell, however, anything that is left, we arrange specialized items to be moved to various venues and organize charity donations.

We leave your estate empty when you need it to be.

E S T A T E    S A L E S    B Y   V I N C I E

The Premier Estate Sale Company of Los Angeles

I look forward to working on your project and making your sale a complete success.


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